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The Growers Weed Identification Handbook, one of the University of California's most popular reference manuals for farmers and pest control advisors, has been expanded to describe 16 additional weeds.

The publication - which now covers 311 weeds - presents accurate information on nearly all types of native and exotic vegetation that invades California's rangeland and cultivated cropland. Using common names and terms, the handbook lists characteristics of each weed, its geographic origin and the crops and sites it typically infests. Concise and complete descriptions help distinguish similar weeds. Color photographs picture all weeds in seedling and mature stages, and show other distinguishing characteristics, such as their flowers and fruit.

The copy was written and photos taken over the course of 30 years by Bill Fischer, weed farm advisor emeritus for University of California Cooperative Extension in Fresno County. He initiated the project to help farmers make informed decisions about field selection, herbicide use and other weed control measures.

"Without knowledge of weeds, it's nearly impossible to effectively and economically control weeds in our agricultural crops," Fischer said.

The 311-page loose-leaf publication is available in its entirety for $80; or the new pages may be purchased separately for addition to existing handbooks for $6. Copies are available at county UC Cooperative Extension offices, or may be ordered by mail from UC Communication Services, 6701 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94608. Include a check payable to "UC Regents," to include sales tax and shipping, in the amount of $94.60 for the complete publication or $8.50 for the 16 new pages.

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